Coined by international model and actor Pierre Abena, the concept of Ocho is the foundation of Ocho Paris. Ocho is much more than a brand; it is a philosophy. The never-ending line of the number 8, or Ocho, represents a spirit of infinite possibility and a limitless mindset. There are endless twists and turns in life, which we must endure in order to reach our full potential. The mission of Ocho Paris is to cultivate a society rich in hope and optimism knowing that our lives mirror the symbol of Ocho, and we will rise each time we fall. With determination and perseverance, there are no limits to what we can accomplish as individuals and as a community.

We are all capable of creating our own identities. Those who identify with Ocho Paris and its mission have chosen a path of ambition, hard work and positivity. Does it mean we will not face obstacles? Absolutely not. It simply means that we believe in ourselves enough to know that we can exceed our own expectations. Ocho Paris resonates with the steadfast and brings motivation and courage to the world.

Designers in both Paris and Los Angeles contributed to the collection. Drawing inspiration from both sport and high fashion chic, Ocho Paris is a unique hybrid we call “Sporty Chic”. Our pieces are designed for comfort and performance, but lack nothing in elegance. Ranging from fitted to over-sized to unisex to one-pieces, the styling combinations are limitless, just how we prefer things to be. The Ocho Paris collection awaits those who dare to venture into infinity with progressive style.